Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cheating Wife

Have you got a cheating wife? Most men go out to work every day Florida Lemon Laws leave their wife at home. Does your wife stay at home being a homemaker whilst you are gone Inch Worm 10 hors a day? More and more women are opting for extra marital activities. So how do you know that you haven't got a cheating wife?

I don't profess to know all there is to know about women or their habits, if I did I would be a very rich person. Women are a law unto themselves; they have habits and foibles which no man will ever understand. But what about those 10 hours, without you in I Love Lucy house; could your wife be cheating on you?

Women are very possessive about things like mobile phones, emails and letters, they have a my blog (usually), and men are not allowed to touch these personal items. So how would you know if you have a cheating wife? If your wife has started changing her habits and making drastic changes to her appearance, you can probably take this as a sign of infidelity. This may sound drastic but hear me out. Why does a woman all of a sudden change? It's usually attention seeking or wanting to look nice for someone.

Have you ever turned up early from work only to fine that your wife isn't home? They probably told you that a friend called and needed to talk about "personal problems", the personal problems part of the conversation means that there is no chance of her telling you what they were. If you ask her which friend she will probably say "why do you need to know that, don't you believe me?" that is for the guilt effect, you feel guilty for asking.

Remember a cheating wife has a circle of friends who (once prompted) will validate her story without question, these are usually the same friends who laugh at you behind your back because you are so dumb for not seeing that she is cheating, but they are usually the first to your front door telling you what a shame it is that you were cheated on.

Personal email accounts are very hard to infiltrate, woman are very cunning with these. A cheating wife will probably have a normal email account where her friends send their daily routines or work Bewitched she will also have a private email account which you know nothing about, and this one is where you will find all of her inner secrets and desires. Cell phone are one of the greatest inventions over the last century, they are the best means of 24 hour contact available, unfortunately for you, they also mean that anyone can contact your wife whenever they want. When was the last time you answered your wife's phone while she was busy only to have the other party hang up, or went to answer the phone but were to leave it alone?

You can ignore it or you can pretend that life is fine, but the fact that you have a cheating wife will not go away, in fact it will probably eat away at you for every hour of every day until you do something about it.

You can lie down and get kicked again or you can stand up like the man you are, and do something about it, It's your choice.

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