Monday, June 2, 2008

Betta Fish Care - The Correct Way To Feed Betta Fish

Feed your gieco auto insurance fish incorrectly and you will soon have trouble with your Betta fish's health and well being. It can be quite stressful when trying to look after a sick fish so here re mortgage some hints and tips to help you get it right.

What many people don't realize are that Betta fish can be very selective about what they eat. Sure those Betta pellets are ok but live food like bloodworms or brine shrimp are better. You can even feed them frozen brine shrimp or frozen bloodworms.

When fish are overfed they expel more waste and Betta fish are no exception to this. The more waste in your tank the unhealthier your Betta fish becomes. So always remember to remove any excess or injury lawyers 4 you food left over. If not it will soon start to go off and start causing your fish problems.

Betta fish hate eating from the bottom of the tank and prefer to eat from the top half. So how do you get them to do that? Well you should try to let them see the food from outside of the Pop Rocks first. Let them have a good nosey at it and then add a little bit into the water right in front of them. Once they have eaten it have a quick look at their stomachs. Does it look like it did before? If so add a bit more food but a bit less than you added previously.

Normally your Betta fish will go for the food right away but if they don't, keep an eye on where the food sinks to in his tank. If after twenty minutes the food is still there remove it from the tank. Remember that mucky water will affect your fish so change it if it gets like that. You should at least change part of the water every week even if it looks ok. You must also watch out for harmful bacteria in your Betta fish tank. Some bacteria in the aquarium will be good for it but too much will threaten your fish's health. Check the levels of ammonia and nitrite in the tank regularly too because if they get too high this will also life ins quotes your fish. Use a water testing kit for checking this. Your pet store should be able to advise you on the correct way to use it.

Feeding your Betta fish during their pre-spawning period also takes careful consideration. You can feed them a wider variety of foods such as fruit flies or mosquito larvae. Try to use live food where at all possible. Adult Betta fish can be fed up to four times a day when they are getting closer to go in their spawning tank.

Once your baby Betta's (fry) have hatched you can start feeding them about five days later. Feed them several times a day with things like baby brine shrimp, maybe a bit of boiled egg (the yolk not the white). Make sure the pieces are very small.

For a more in depth guide on Betta Fish Care simply visit bettafishcare.blog

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